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In-Office Hours:
Tuesday - Saturday 10am to 5pm        


423-708-5662 to schedule an appointment
Been in an accident?  Need photos for your insurance?

Part of a notary public's job is to take depositions, sworn statements regarding legal issues.  If your insurance company, attorney or other party has requested your sworn statement, we can handle this on your time.  We will come to your location and issue an oath or an affirmation which affirms that your statements are true, then notarize the document.

We are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice, but we can save trips to your insurance agent or attorney's office.  Contact the requesting party and ask if there are specific forms you need and aks if they will allow a notary to come to you. 

We are also experienced in visual inspections.  We will photograph damaged property or scenes of an accident and provide both photo and written descriptions of the circumstances to insurnce companies and/or attorneys.
  *Signers must present valid, government issued photo ID.  If ID is not available, please consult with the notary for additional requirements prior to scheduling an appointment.

Please see our section "Preparing for Notarization" to insure that you are prepared for the notary to avoid any waiting fees.

We are not attorneys licensed in the state of Tennessee and may not give legal advice or charge a fee for legal advice.